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ODUG Vice President Kurt Amstutz will be talking about the recently released Map Module at next Tuesday's Orlando DotNetNuke User Group meeting. I've been busy writing my chapters for the DotNetNuke 5 book and didn't make the last meeting. I'll be at this one. I recruited Kurt last spring to put this presentation on.

Here's some information on the module:


The DotNetNuke® Map Module project is an initiative crafted from very popular smash up DotNetNuke® Map Module, originally called GoMap. The module, using the Google Maps API, provides the ability to pump any custom data into the Google Map in a number of unique ways.

  • Standard Mode - Display all the points for the designated Module, simultaneously.
  • Playback Mode - Display all the points for the designated Module, in the order which they appear in your source data. This data can have associated times and dates that control the functionality of the playback. The most common example of this is the provided "Regions Online" map which plots the Users Online data - one point for each world Region, in the order which that region was first added to your user base. A very effective display, and fun to watch!
  • Positional Mode - Displays the points in your data source by Longitude, Latitude within a target radius. Whenever the user clicks the map, the points are automatically fetched from the server (via ajax of course) and plotted on the map around the selected point.
  • Directory Mode - Displays the points in your data source within a configurable directory structure. This directory, similar to most other map based directory components also uses the Positional Mode interaction, so you data is easily displayed regionally.

All of the interaction provided by the module uses AJAX functionality for fetching the points, meaning that the page performs at its peak, without loss.


Hope to see you there!

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