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Today in my mailbox was an article from the New York Times that was entitled “ Legalized Cheating- Text messaging answers, googling during exams. In the internet age, some schools have a new approach to cheating: Make it legal.(Saturday/Sunday January 21-22)

The article lists several private and public high schools that are allowing students to look up test answers online during their test and what's interesting is that the Director of Admissions at Harvard University states “ that adding that whether a student was allowed to seach the Internet for help on a high school English exam wouldn't affect his or her application.“

Furthermore, the dean of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania states “that there is a new definition of cheating and it's called fudging and he says that this seems to be the way of the world now and it's not an encouraging sign.”

As an educator, I question whether or not a student is learning the material they suppose to learn in the class by studying it or is the student just good at googling if given the opportunity and really not learning. In addition, can you fudge your way through life at work?

Needless to say, I was quite surprised to see the number of private schools that are allowing this to happen at their school. So, what are your thoughts? Should students be allowed to look up test answers using the Internet?

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