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Here are the links from my May 12, 2008 presentation at the St. Louis C# User Group:

1. VS 2008 Product Comparison     VS2008
2. Change startup options   VS2005 VS2008
3. Change home page   VS2005 VS2008
4. LINQPad     VS2008
5. Importing/Exporting Settings VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
6. Consolas font on Windows XP VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
7. Tab groups (code editor windows) VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
8. line numbering VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
9. Navigate forward (Ctrl-minus) and backward (Ctrl-plus) VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
10. Incremental Search: Ctrl-I VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
11. Ctrl-Tab to select from open windows VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
12. Type-ahead in Solution Explorer VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
13. Flat Solution Explorer   VS2005  
14. Sonic File Finder   VS2005 VS2008
15. Source Code Outliner   VS2005 VS2008
16. Document Outline   VS2005 VS2008
17. Hide Solution Folders   VS2005 VS2008
18. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Clear All Panes     VS2008
19. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Show All Files     VS2008
20. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Undo Close     VS2008
21. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Open Containing Folder     VS2008
22. Open in HTML view instead of designer: Tools | Options | HTML Designer | Start pages in… VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
23. Editor Guidelines VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
24. Select Block Text: Alt-Drag VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
25. Hide Selection: Edit | Advanced | Hide Selection or Ctrl-M, Ctrl-H VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
26. Select Entire String literal: Double-click to left of opening quote VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
27. Ctrl-] - finds matching closing token: }, ), #endregion VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
28. Convert to upper (Ctrl-Shift-U) or lower (Ctrl-U) case VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
29. Multi-line Search And Replace VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
30. Transpose: Ctrl-T (character), Ctrl-Shift-T (word), Alt-Shift-T (line) VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
31. VS2008 C# Keyboard Shortcuts poster     VS2008
32. Visual Studio 2008 Keyboard Shortcuts Reference     VS2008
33. Keyboard Jedi VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
34. Shift-F10 launches context menu (like right-click) VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
35. Toggle between Designer (Shift-F7) and code-behind (F7) VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
36. Tab to next (F8) / previous (Shift-F8) error VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
37. Ctrl-F4 closes current document VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
38. Ctrl-. (dot) shows "smart tags" (e.g. add Using)     VS2008
39. F12: Go to definition VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
40. Shift-F12 = find all references VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
41. Comment (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-C) / uncomment (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-U) VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
42. Format document (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-D) or selection (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-F) VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
43. Outlining: Collapse All (Ctrl-M, Ctrl-O) / Expand All (Ctrl-M, Ctrl-L) VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
44. Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-L, Shift-Delete without selection operate on the current line VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
45. Drag/Drop code to Toolbox VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
46. Clipboard Ring - Ctrl-Shift-V VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
47. SmartPaster VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
48. Code Snippets Manager   VS2005 VS2008
49. Edit / Create snippets   VS2005 VS2008
50.   VS2005 VS2008
51. "Export as Code Snippet" Add-In     VS2008
52. <code:keep>   VS2005 VS2008
53. T4 Code Generation Templates   VS2005 VS2008
54. T4 Editor   VS2005 VS2008
55. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Transform Templates     VS2008
56. Step into framework code     VS2008
57. DataTable visualizer   VS2005 VS2008
58. Mole   VS2005 VS2008
59. GhostDoc VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
60. Sandcastle: msdn-style documentation builder   VS2005 VS2008
61. Sandcastle Help File Builder: nDoc-style GUI   VS2005 VS2008
62. Refactor! for ASP.NET: ASP.NET refactorings   VS2005 VS2008
63. Refactor!: Extract Method   VS2005 VS2008
64. Refactor!: Extract Property   VS2005 VS2008
65. Refactor!: Introduce Constant   VS2005 VS2008
66. Refactor!: Flatten Conditional   VS2005 VS2008
67. Refactor!: Reverse Conditional   VS2005 VS2008
68. Refactor!: Create Overload   VS2005 VS2008
69. Refactor!: Reorder Parameters   VS2005 VS2008
70. Refactor!: Encapsulate Field   VS2005 VS2008
71. Ctrl-K, Ctrl-S = "surround with" VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
72. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Remove and Sort Usings     VS2008
73. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Format Document / Remove & Sort Usings on Save     VS2008
74. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Copy / Paste Class     VS2008
75. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Copy / Paste References     VS2008
76. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Copy as Project Reference     VS2008
77. Regionerate   VS2005 VS2008
78. ClearRegions Macro VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
79. Ctrl-Shift-R: Record Macro VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
80. VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
81. NUnit For VS   VS2005 VS2008
82. Go to Reflector - via add-in VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
83. Class Designer   VS2005 VS2008
84. ModelingPowerToys: Layout toolbar enabled     VS2008
85. ModelingPowerToys: Floating property grid     VS2008
86. ModelingPowerToys: Ctrl-Alt-Drag     VS2008
87. ModelingPowerToys: Export as Image or HTML     VS2008
88. ModelingPowerToys: Filtering     VS2008
89. ModelingPowerToys: Thumbnail view     VS2008
90. StickyNotes     VS2008
91. Microsoft Robotics Studio   VS2005 VS2008
92. XNA Game Studio     VS2008
93. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Email Code Snippet     VS2008
94. ComponentOne IntelliSpell Community Edition   VS2005 VS2008
95. OxyProject Metrics   VS2005 VS2008
96. SlickEdit Gadgets   VS2005 VS2008
97. Visual Studio Hacks: The Book VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
98. Visual Studio Hacks: The web site VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
99. Sara Ford\'s Tip of the Day VS2003 VS2005 VS2008
100. Visual Studio 2008 Developer\'s Center     VS2008
101. Visual Studio Gallery   VS2005 VS2008
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Comments on this post: "Pimp My IDE": 101 Visual Studio tips, tricks, and add-ins

# re: "Pimp My IDE": 101 Visual Studio tips, tricks, and add-ins
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I have only one suggestion.
Take Dataset Debugger Visualizer from
Left by BrankoH on May 21, 2008 2:52 AM

# re: "Pimp My IDE": 101 Visual Studio tips, tricks, and add-ins
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Shrinkster is either down or gone. Do you have long links for the tips in this post?
Left by Brian MacAskill on Oct 01, 2008 1:30 PM

# re: "Pimp My IDE": 101 Visual Studio tips, tricks, and add-ins
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Sorry, I "shrinksterized" the links as I collected them, and didn't save the real URLs.

I have links to some of them:

A lot of the keyboard shortcut tips are from Sara Ford's blog:

I think Shrinkster is still run by Carl Franklin, so I hope it will be back soon.
Left by Brian Schroer on Oct 01, 2008 6:56 PM

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