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I'm back home (to St. Louis, home of the world champion Cardinals!) from the Heartland Developers Conference in Omaha. The presentations that were most valuable to me were:

I met Robert Hurlbut on the walk from the hotel to the convention center, and he told me that the speakers were not paid for their presentations and travel, although their hotel rooms were paid for by the conference, so I won't mention any of the presenters I didn't care for by name, but one piece of advice for anyone giving a presentation:

Read Scott Hanselman's Presentation Tips, especially the parts about making sure your fonts are large enough so everyone can actually read what you're showing. Get your big fonts ready before the presentation, and use Zoomit for apps where you can't increase the font size. 

I can't imagine how much time and work the guys who organized the conference had to do, so I hesitate to criticize, but I was disappointed by a couple of things:

  • If you say that registration starts at 7:00, please start registration at 7:00, not 7:21 - Don't make people stand in line when they show up on time.
  • The evaluation forms were used for the prize drawings, but the forms didn't have a place for us to write our names - not a big deal, but they said that they'd made the same mistake last year. Please update the form now so you don't forget it again next year.  
  • A couple of the presentation topics were changed from the advertised topics. I was very disapponted when the second day keynote: "The Best .NET Best Practices" by Andrew Troelsen was changed to yet another LINQ presentation - the fourth of the conference, and pretty much a repeat of the last part of Andrew's "C# 3.0" presentation from the day before. I may be biased since he's a homeboy who works at the same company I do, but I thought the LINQ presentation by Denny Boynton at the St. Louis .NET User Group Monday night was at least as good as any of the similar presentations at this conference.

I would definitely recommend next year's HDC to .NET developers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota.

If you're from St. Louis or the lower Midwest though, and looking for an affordable conference with great speakers, I would suggest the devLink conference in Nashville (I hope they plan to do it again next year!).   


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Glad you liked the talk :-)
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