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I got all excited dynamic and differential volumes, but disk is cheap.  I’m hearing that fixed sized vhd’s are much faster.  Since we’re setting up a bunch of virtual machines on a 250 GB external USB drive for demo and test, I care about performance.  I started with differentials but I set the size on the base volume to hold just the OS, thinking I could expand the differentials later.  But you can’t.  Since I had to start over, I decided to go the clone route, but set the base up as a dynamic volume. 


Now I need to convert them to fixed for “more speed”.  I think I can do that Configuration selection on the Virtual Disk menu.  If not, I’ll use the VMware trick Matthew Toney mentioned to me yesterday.  Basically you set up the desired fixed disk on the same VM as the volume you want to convert.  Ghost the dynamic volume to the fixed, point the VM to the new fixed and drop the dynamic.  Don’t forget to delete the no longer need dynamic volume.


We did get a bit of a surprise when we accessed our shiny new VMs from another machine.  Office wanted to be activated after it had already been activated on the machine I used to create the VM.  Now I can understand what happened – but I’m not real happy about it.  Does this mean if I touch that drive from the first machine I have to activate again?  Most likely.  Guess we need to de-install Office.  But then how do I get back the original activation?  This is getting ugly.


now it’s getting really ugly; we dropped the drive.  So now we have a server activation and two Office activations locked up in a broken hard drive. (Sigh.)


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