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Weekly Cloud Newsround 2012-16

Filtering the informative, insightful and quirky from the fire hose of cloud-based hype.

The announcement of the Windows Azure hosted media platform has been leading the Azure news stories this week with articles my Mary-Jo, and V3. I’m keen to get into testing the preview of this, it would be a great technology to use for the webcasts on my CloudCasts site.

Hovhannes Avoyan continues his Windows Azure Overview series with part 4 looking at Security. The links to the four articles are:

Windows Azure Overview

Windows Azure Overview Part 2: Pros and Cons

Windows Azure Overview Part 3: All About Azure Pricing

Windows Azure Overview Part 4: Security

HPC Wire has an interesting article “Cycle Computing Creates 50,000-Core Supercomputer Through Amazon”, the ability to provision massive compute power for short periods of time is a great use of cloud computing.

Cloud Times has an interesting article on “The Rising Value of Cloud Computing”, whilst Greenpeace question the environmental friendliness of the cloud, naming Apple and Amazon as the main offenders. Apple defend their green credentials in the Guardian, with a nice video of a there new data center, hoping to provide 10% of their energy through solar power.

If you are “not ready to move to the cloud”, you could consider moving to the beach to take a look at Crab Computing. Seems interesting, but I have reservations about high availability when there is a spring tide…

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