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Quite a while ago I posted a walkthrough of installing BizTalk Server on a multi server environment using Virtual PC. Since then I have been involved with the development and delivery of the QuickLearn BizTalk Server Administrators course, a 5 day course covering in detail the many aspects of installing and managing a multi server environment.
I thought it would be a good idea to post a webcast on that would run through the process. It probably takes about a day to run through the full install if you create the VMs yourself, the webcast is just under 30 minutes.
This webcast will run quickly through an installation of the core BizTalk Server components in a three server environment (one SQL server, two BizTalk servers). I will also discuss some of the best practices that should be used that differ from installing a development environment.
As with the other BizTalk webcasts, this is one that I demo during the class, and it’s also based on the lab that students will follow during the course. Bear in mind that this is one of the day-one labs, the course also covers deployment and management in multi server environments, monitoring BizTalk and SQL using MOM, and a full hands-on run through of the BizTalk Server disaster recovery procedures for databases and SSO master secret server. The log shipping configuration for BizTalk Server is challenging to implement, if you have not got it setup in your environments, you really need to attend this course!
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