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I was helping a colleague debug an issue this morning in a piece of our code that filters network traffic.  He couldn't get WinDbg to load symbols from our internal symbol server or from the MS symbol server and had no clue why.

Finally it occurred to me that in the act of attaching to the process he was blocking the code that would have accepted the connection from our network driver and processed it. 

So the windbg  was sending out a request to the symbol server, our network driver was intercepting it and sending it back up to the user-mode process for filtering but that couldn't respond because windbg was attaching to the process and trying to load the symbols.  doh! :) 

Solution: disable filtering on the symbol server port (80), attach again to build up the symbol cache, re-enabled filtering and try again so that symbols are loaded from the cache. Posted on Friday, June 19, 2009 8:41 AM | Back to top

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