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This is the mail which I wrote to update the core mumbers of MUGH. This has relevancy to my previous post regarding the Academic .Net workshop where MUGH MVPS and Community Stars are presenting various talks related to .net.

Sorry this is a long mail.

Hello Core,

I would like to share my experiences (I hope even Nilotpal would have the same feelings what I write here ;) )

First of all I should say this is an excellent activity which is going on at VNR VJIET. And Guys like Vikram and Tapasvi and Team just rock fabulously (Great going guys).

Points which I would like to share with all the future presenters at VNR
- Keep the audience lively
- These people come from various states  (I happnd to see some nice looking faces from MP I remember that ;))
- Their is a good amount of Java presence in the audience and I would not recommend anybody for open conforntation
   unless you are having a good amt of Java know how :) and you cant help it as Java is in their courseware.
- PPl are anxious to know how much propective it is to be a .net developer by the time they complete their college and look out
  for a career... try to talk more with this in mind remember we were also in that situation couple of years back :)

IMHO I think we should have targetted for C# rather than VB.Net as I found that their is a very small crowd which has done VB dev.

Dont worry about suprises - we have to reinvent ourself to the situation thats my suggestion ;)

IMPORTANT NOTE: please relevant core folks update the student site with the Ineta logo :)

My/Our experience
To start off I would like to tell you how it all went on.

We were a little late as we had done our first mistake and later on exactly outside Dr Reddys labs we were
stopped by the cops and lucky for me we were able to leave without getting booked (I am cautious going by the rule book kinda guy)

so we went there by 12:45+ and the first thing was attendes were having lunch so we could manage to have the
kickoff done around 1:45pm and Nilotpal tool the dias while I went to have Lunch (Lunch was on the HOUSE and it tasted
good - if you dont find anything better than this dont forget your nearest dhaba is atleast 3-4kms away ;))

Inbetween my presentation and nilotpals the booklets were distributed and I should say the book is
good (This is the same Book which the MVPs happnd to collaborate and write together if I am not wrong a yr or so ago :))
then My presentation could get started around 3:30 and I could manage to keep the audience
alive (I am yet to get the feedback and till then I am positive about what I did)

I could not manage to do my demos though I wanted the audience to drive me in developing a small end to
end application using VS.Net and Vb.Net as the language of choice.

we ran outta time as the last bus which drops the attendees and students back in the midst of
civilazation starts from VNR VJIET at 4.30ish.

Altogether a very interesting day at VNR VJIET and I want to have an open forum for these students to open
up (as on my persistance also they were not willing to ask me any questions or may be they were watching Vikram showing
me Timeout repeatedly once the clock started ticking 4:10 :).

I request all the mvps and CommStars who can make it to be present on day 2 and 3 and make this event
successfulllll as I see that in certain situations you need to help yourself and help vikram and co to deliver better.

some of the things which I want to highlight to Vikram is
- please try to organize certain things well ahead and keep the relevant ppl informed to meet any adhoc contingencies.
- It would have been a lot lot better in case you could have utilized fair amount of time in talking about Student Chapter of MUGH and about MUGH also. I had seen few blank faces when I said Student chapter at MUGH. Use the cafeteria, use the eating room where food is served talk about your Identity and talk about your role and the importance of the student group I am not asking you to call for action - even titbits as to what ppl can do being members of MUGH Student chapter you need to tell them have the word going ...
- Organize things in a better fashion I have to admit that you and your folks (your team) has done an excellent job conducting the event but probably you should step up the effect so that both attendees and volunteers are collaborative and responsive
- I guess a major part where we left in knowing the wants and needs of the attendees esp the ones who are coming from other states as they are coming seeing the specific topics which are being presented and the others are probably attending for a difference (i am not much happy writing this but I would rather like to be frank in my opinion) regarding this...

I am reiterating with a few corrections here and there regarding the route map which was explained in the previous mail by Vikram.

the route: 
<!--- Vikram's Route Map Begin --->
from ameerpet take the straight road to kukatpally,keep going straight, u go to KPHB,...still go on JNTU then still
go on then u will get Miyapur crossroads, here take a right turn and head straight ...then u get dr.reddys labs still go
straight not turn anyway go straight ...u wull get MNR EDUCATION ...still go straight on the right u will get VNR
VJIET.When u r in KUKATPALLY kindly give a call to any one by 11:00 am give  a call to any of the below numbers
and say them u r the speaker and then a car (red zen) no. ap9l 6060 will be sent to miyapur x roads so that it will
guide u to the college.
<!--- Vikram's Route Map End --->

<!--- Teucer's Instructions Begin --->
1. Dont follow that way those who know the way from Hitech City they are at a slight advantage (I came back this way)
I shall explain once I edit the route map and instructions as given by Vikram as I guess few of you would be either familiar or going this way!

2. Read the instructions carefully this is not the readme.txt which we skip or the licence agreement which
by default "We Click ACCEPT / I AGREE" ;) better yet take a print out :)

3. As said from Ameerpet this is one long rond which you keep going going going (probably for almost 20min if you maintain a decent 60Km/h. Then once you are close to Miyapur Cross Roads (dont go all the way there - that was our Second mistake; First mistake dont ask anybody where Miyapur cross roads is as that not where you want to go) yup once you are close to Miyapur cross roads landmark ask for Miyapur APSRTC bus terminus / bus depot (this is the right which you take before Miyapur cross roads). Once you take this right which leads to Dr Reddys Labs foundation (this falls to your left if you are proceeding towards VNR VJIET, beware cops might stop you and your commstar or MVP badges would not help carry the relevant docs or get booked for some violation or the other you know it better). And just keep following this road I guess a decent 8kms from that right which you took from a place near miyapur x roads you will find VNR VJIET on your right. You can also know that you are close to VNR VJIET once you know that you are far beyond civilization (chod aye hum woh galiyaan... ;))

if you are getting that car try as much as possible to look at the front number plate though we didnt call for it I noticed back
at the college that the number plate at the back of the car was half missing ...

4. In case of any issues call up the numbers given below they are more than aware of the issues and will help you reach
safely (I was really told by someone before I left from VNR "HAVE A HAPPY & SAFE JOURNEY !!!"

Instructions to travel from Hitech City
Landmark #1 -> Hitech City Cyber Towers or Wipro Facility
Proceed towards Shilparamam an Hitex which Means go striaght from Cyber Towers towards The
stadium (I never got the spelling right for GachiBowli stadium) At the next chaurasta take the Right which leads to the
railway station (I dont remember the name of the station but this is the road which goes to Miyapur Cross Roads

Landmark #2 ->The Railway crossing (If you are lucky then then you would get to pass off easily else you might
be required to wait for the gates to open for quite a long time)
Proceed towards miyapur x roads.

Landmark #3 -> Miyapur cross roads
take the right and take the next chaurasta's left (this is the right which you take if you come from Ameerpet)
after this left keep going straight or keep following the road

Landmark #4 -> Reddy's foundation / labs
Keep going straight / following the road once you are fine away from civilization then on your right you
will find the entrance to VBR VJIET.
<!--- Teucer's Instructions End --->

The numbers :
Prashanth Karthik : 9440493293
Rahul  : 32385482
Tapasvi : 9849667402
vikramaditya : 9440559088.


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good one guys, I am happy to see my juniors working out on such programms conducting MVPs. Wishing you all success and also to the batches following.
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