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How much RAM do Visual Studio developers actually have?

I just cannot make do without 512MB ram on my box. I right now have a dev box which runs 2.4ghz Processor with 1gig ram and I should call it smooth for the 15+ windows which are out there on my desktop with 2 instances of devenv 1 media player 1 sharp reader, outlook, av kit, MSN & Yahoo msngrs, Groove, 2 terminal service client instances ...

for that matter how many apps do we geeks actually run at a given instance of time. or shall I put it this way like What windows occupy the desktop of geeks like us.

Posted on Sunday, January 25, 2004 8:03 AM | Back to top

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actually, what got my eye was the mention of 'Groove'!
Left by SBC on Jan 25, 2004 10:50 AM

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