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In last weeks I hear about Webmatrix 2 released. 

Webmatrix 2 is a nice tool for getting started working on html,css,javascript. it's supported one click installation of framework in php like Wordpres,joomla and many other.

Their are many benifit for using Webmatrix 2.

You can got installed Wordpress and many other thing quickly without any trouble. You can do node.js development within IIS-express using IISnode. for iis node see

webmatrix provide quick get started template for beginner to get started working on html,css,javascript without installing any heavy tool like Visual studio or VWD. 

Remember that you can't work on mvc if you thing to do that. webmatrix 2 doesn't support to compile MVC project. you need to have at-least Visual web developer to get mvc work for you.

Webmartix 2 support Extensibility that means their is a lot of plugin will be aviliable in near future for getting more custom feature. For now you have Git support , custom theme support, Ipad,Iphone emulator inside webmatrix as a plugin.

Webmatrix 2 also support LESS and Coffee-script compilation through plugin which make it very nice for people to just get started.

So what do you thing on webmatrix 2. You can got it from

I myself have tried it but Version 2 RTW are still crash on my computer with some small html,css file. I don't know what make it crash. the crash happen because of Out-of-memory. Webmatrix 2 still have some problem.

I myself unable to use Codeigniter and wordpress in webmatrix which I installed directly from site and none of both worked for me. It's make crash of my webmatrix.

I am not sure if this will happen on your side. Have  a good day.

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 7:42 PM | Back to top

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