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They said it was optimized for netbooks and they were right.  I've been running Windows 2008 as a workstation using the instructions on http:\\ for a few months, but Windows 7 blows away any OS I've tried to date on my little Via processor.  Some notes from my install:

Performance:  Windows 7 is the real deal.  It's more responsive than 2008, can listen to audio without pops like even the best optimized XP install I tried just couldn't remove.

Weird:  Windows 7 created a 200MB system partition?  What is that all about?  The taskbar, the taskbar, the taskbar, such great example out there from linux and OSX - this is awful?  Maybe it's o.k. - but Microsoft, please put as much effort into this as you've done with Dreamscape and optimizing the OS!

Compatible:  Saw my sound card which requires the MS HD driver!  Awesome.  Video worked as expected using a Vista driver.

Features:  Networking at home looks promising as an upgrade for workgroup networking, although I wouldn't let it touch my network router.  IE suggested sites is new, didn't play with it enough to see anything decent.

Testing:  I suspended the notebook during a 2007 install, without issue.

In summary, I suspect that MS has done what already been happening in some circles, they've used Windows 2008 as the core for Windows 7 and flushed Vista code.  This is a great idea.  Good work MS, maybe they will get back some OSX converts.


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