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.net alternatives by Michel Grootjans
This post is a comment on JP's post on redability.
JP asks what the community thinks about the readability of this piece of code:


My first feelings: only JP writes like this ;-)

After reading it with full attention, I realize it clearly communicates its intent. I'm quite comfortable understanding what it does. I see only one downside:
The way you name your classes 'do_this_for_the_thingie_that_needs_to_be_done' is hard to swallow for a majority of developers. It goes against all the coding standards I have ever seen. FxCop will surely choke on it.

However, if naming conventions prevents your naming style. You've got TWO choices:
- Follow the naming convention and forget about that elegant way of expressing intent
- Question the validity of the naming convention

Both of these choices have a cost.
The first option is easy but will eventually keep you in the stone age.
The second might end you up in a lot of meetings where you'll have to defend your case before management for the next 6 months, with only a small hope of success.
If you're lucky (like I am right now), you're in a dynamic team where code conventions are not written in stone. If the team agrees on this way of coding, we just do it TOGETHER. Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 12:37 PM .net | Back to top

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