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"She's as nervous as a very small nun at a penguin shoot"

"He's got fingers in more pies than a leper on a cookery course"

"You so much as belch out of line and I'll have your scrotum on a barbed wire plate"

"Let's go play slappyface"

"your surrounded by armed barstewards"

“Right, get out and find this murdering scum right now!”
“Scratch that, we start 9am sharp tomorrow, it's beer-o-clock.”

"So then Cartwright, you're such a good Detective.... Go and Detect me a packet of Garibaldies"

"You're not the one who is going to have to knit himself a new arsehole after 25 years of aggressive male love in prison"

“A dream for me is Diana Dors and a bottle of chip fat."

“A dream for me is Diana Dors and a bottle of chip fat."

“They reckon you've got concussion - but personally, I couldn't give a tart's furry cup if half your brains are falling out. Don't ever waltz into my kingdom playing king of the jungle.”

“You great... soft... sissy... girlie... nancy... french... bender... Man-United supporting POOF!!”

“Drugs eh? What's the point. They make you forget, make you talk funny, make you see things that aren't there. My old grandma got all of that for free when she had a stroke.”

“He's Dead! It's quite serious!

“Fanny in the flat...Nice Work


“Tits in a Jumper!

“Drop your weapons! You are surrounded by armed bastards!

“It's 1973, almost dinnertime. I'm 'avin 'oops!

“Trust the Gene Genie!

“I wanna hump Britt Ekland...What're we gonna do...!

“Was that 'E' and you don't know the rest?! or you going 'Eeee, I Dunno'”

“Good Girl! Prostate probe and no jelly.

“Give over, it's nothing like Spain!

“I'll come over your houses and stamp on all your toys!

“The Wizard will sort it out. It's cos of the wonderful things he does”

“Cartwright can jump up and down on his knackers!

“It's not a windup love, he really thinks like this!

“Women! You can't say two words to them

“I was thinking, maybe, a Berni Inn!

“If I wanted a bollocking for drinking too much...!

“Shhhh...hear that...that's the sound of this case being closed!

“Chicken!? In a basket!?

“Seems a large quantity of cocaine...

“You probably thought he kept his cock in his keks!

“The tail-end of Rays demotion speech!

“Stephen Warren is gay!?

“You're a smart boy, use your initiative!

“Don't be such a Jessie!

“I find the idea of a bird brushing her teeth...!

“Never been tempted to the Magic talcum powder?

“Make sure she's got nice tits!

“You're more likely to find an ostrich with a plum up it's arse!

“Drink this lot under the table and have a pint on the way home!

“Never be a female Prime Minister!

“Pub? Pub! pub!.....Pub!

“Thou shalt not suck off rent boys!

“The number for the special clinic is on the notice board!

“If me uncle had tits, would he be me auntie!

“Got your vicars in a twist!

“We Done?!

“Your mates got balls...If they were any bigger he'd need a wheelbarrow!

“The Ending - from 'I want to go home' to the end music.

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