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I few months ago I made the sad mistake of investing in Paragons software NTFS for OSX. I have a MAC book Pro that dual boots Vista and OS X. I thought this would be the solution for me to utilise the both Drive versions.

Downloaded the software having paid my money and guess what it not only didn’t work but worse still forced my machine into a re-boot cycle that required a re-build.

Decided to do the full re-build – including Vista partion which had also been corrupted. Then before installing any other software I installed the NTFS for OS X – and guess what – same problem!

Contacted support hoping for a confirmation that there was a known problem – all I got was download and install this newer version. Tried to download and failed. Contacted support – also asked for re-assurance that this would indeed fix my problem…no reassurance just another link.

Downloaded and installed on my newly re-built machine – same problem! Suggested a refund might be in order – no result just try this ‘new’ version. As I need a working machine and tired of wasting weekends decided to wait before trying again.

While I ‘waited’ received email from Paragon telling me to update to the new version 7 of the software – great we are getting somewhere!!

Of course not!! I must pay even more money for the upgrade!!! So decided to install the patch – still doesn’t work properly – loads of errors when writing to NTFS drive – but doesn’t crash machine….

So what does this mean…

Paragon use the purchaser to beta test software

Paragon have no customer service

I have asked for a refund

Still waiting……

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