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In this Issue: Amyo Kabir, Rob Eisenberg, Doug Rathbone, John Papa, Jeff Blankenburg(-2-), Mike Taulty, Peter Kuhn, Laurent Bugnion, Vangos Pterneas, and Senthil Kumar.

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Silverlight Popup sample"
Amyo Kabir
WP7: "Navigation in a #WP7 application with MVVM Light"
Laurent Bugnion
XNA: "XNA for Silverlight developers: Part 0 - Why should I care?"
Peter Kuhn


Mohamed Mosallem posted a video of an Expression Blend demo he gave recently: Expression Blend Demo

Rob Eisenberg posted the winners of the Caliburn.Micro Contest he was running .. and a nice bunch of swag too! Announcing the Caliburn.Micro Contest Winners!

Dan Moyer is a LightSwitch enthusiast and writes Why I Believe Visual Studio LightSwitch will be a Win... good well-thought-out and written take on Lightswitch.


Silverlight Popup sample
Amyo Kabir has a post up that is short on description but long on demo and the code is available... put this in the 'a picture is worth 1,000 words category' :)
Caliburn.Micro Soup to Nuts Part 7 - All About Conventions
The 7th episode of Rob Eisenberg's tutorial series on Caliburn.Micro is up. This episode about some of the conventions that you get out-of-the-box with Caliburn.Micro, what it'll do for you, and how you can modify the behavior of the convention to suit your own taste/style.
Two little tips for working with Silverlight chart DateTime Axes
Doug Rathbone has been working with the Toolkit Charts for WP7 and finding it difficult to get the info he needs, and now that he's worked it out... he's sharing... particularly information about DateTimeAxis.
Silverlight TV 56: WCF RIA Services and Azure
The first Silverlight TV of 2011 was John Papa discussing WCF RIA Services and Azure with Saurabh Plant.
What I Learned In WP7 – Issue 14
As usual, Jeff Blankenburg is a couple ahead of me... his Issue 14 is about some panorama trickery... like navigating to a specific place in one, or preventing wrapping.
What I Learned In WP7 – Issue 15
In Jeff Blankenburg's latest WP7 post, he's sharing some interesting insight into Trial Mode and app sales... from the standpoint of someone selling apps.
Blend Bits 20–Group Into
Mike Taulty has Part 20 of his Blend Bits series up. This one is demonstrating grouping, and what all can be accomplished (or not) with grouping in Blend.
XNA for Silverlight developers: Part 0 - Why should I care?
Peter Kuhn has the beginning of a series on WP7 and XNA up at SilverlightShow... this looks to be a good intro and way to get your head wrapped around XNA on the phone.
Navigation in a #WP7 application with MVVM Light
Laurent Bugnion discusses WP7 navigation via MVVM Light, resolving many of the communication/navigation complexities you can get involved in without a tool like his.
Motion detection in Silverlight
Vangos Pterneas has a followup postto the one on facial detection... this one is on Motion Detection in Silverlight. If you've got a webcam hooked up, you can give a demo app a dance via a link he has in the post.
Adding ApplicationBar in Windows Phone 7 using Expression Blend
Senthil Kumar follows up a post about using VS to add an application bar to a WP7 app with this one using Expression Blend

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