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In this Heavy and yet incomplete Issue: Mike Wolf, Walter Ferrari, Colin Eberhardt, Mathew Charles, Don Burnett, Senthil Kumar, cherylws, Rob Miles, Derik Whittaker, Thomas Martinsen(-2-), Jason Ginchereau, Vishal Nayan, and WindowsPhoneGeek.

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Automatically Showing ToolTips on a Trimmed TextBlock (Silverlight)"
Colin Eberhardt
WP7: "Windows Phone Blue Book Pdf"
Rob Miles
Sharepoint/Silverlight: "Discover Sharepoint with Silverlight - Part 1"
Walter Ferrari


Dave Isbitski has announced a WP7 Firestarter, check for your local MS office: Announcing the “Light up your Silverlight Applications for Windows 7 Firestarter”


Leveraging Silverlight in the USA TODAY Windows 7-Based Slate App
Mike Wolf has a post up about Cynergy's release of the new USA TODAY software for Windows 7 Slate devices, and gives a great rundown of all the resources, and how specific Silverlight features were used... tons of outstanding external links here!
Discover Sharepoint with Silverlight - Part 1
Walter Ferrari has tutorial up at SilverlightShow... looks like the first in a series on Silverlight and Sharepoint... lots of low-level info about the internals and using them.
Automatically Showing ToolTips on a Trimmed TextBlock (Silverlight)
Colin Eberhardt has a really cool AutoTooltip attached behavior that gives a tooltip of the actual text if text is trimmed ... and has an active demo on the post... very cool.
RIA Services Output Caching
Mathew Charles digs into a RIA feature that hasn't gotten any blog love: output caching, describing all the ins and outs of improving the performance of your app using caching.
Emailing your Files to Cloud Storage with WP7
Don Burnett details out everything you need to do to get Box.Net and your WP7 setup to talk to each other.
Shortcuts keys for Developing on Windows Phone 7 Emulator
Senthil Kumar has some good WP7 posts up ... this one is a cheatsheet list of Function-key assignements for the WP7 emulator... another sidebar listint
Windows Phone 7 Design Guidelines – Cheat Sheet
cherylws has a great Guideline list/Cheat Sheet up for reference while building a WP7 app... this is a great reference... I'm adding it to the Right-hand sidebar of
Windows Phone Blue Book Pdf
Rob Miles has added another book and color to his collection of both -- Windows Phone Programming in C#, also known as the Windows Phone Blue Book... get a copy from the links he gives, and check out his other free books as well.
Navigating to an external URL using the HyperlinkButton
Derik Whittaker has a post up discussing the woes (and error messages) of trying to navigate to an external URL with the Hyperlink button in WP7, plus his MVVM-friendly solution that you can download.
Set Source on Image from code in Silverlight
Thomas Martinsen has a couple posts up... first is this quick one on the code required to set an image source.
Show UI element based on authentication
Thomas Martinsen's latest is one on a BoolToVisibilityConverter allowing a boolean indicator of Authentication to be used to control the visibility of a button (in the sample)
WP7 ReorderListBox improvements: rearrange animations and more
Jason Ginchereau has updated his ReorderListBox from last week to add some animations (fading/sliding) during the rearrangement.
Navigation in Silverlight Without Using Navigation Framework
Vishal Nayan has a post that attracted my attention... Navigation by manipulating RootVisual content... I've been knee-deep in similar code in Prism this week (and why my blogging is off) ...
Creating a WP7 Custom Control in 7 Steps
WindowsPhoneGeek creates a simple custom control for WP7 before your very eyes in his latest post, focusing on the minimum requirements necessary for writing a Custom Control.

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