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In this Issue: Michael Washington, Erik Klimczak(-2-), Kevin Marshall, Mike Ormond, Chris Anderson, Derik Whittaker, Michael Crump, Peter Torr(-2-), Ryan Alford, Amyo Kabir, and Kunal Chowdhury.


Emiel Jongerius announced he has Update postings on Datagrid for a couple of his recent posts.

A DotNetNuke Silverlight Expense Report Module
Michael Washington is back on ViewModel code, and also DNN with this end-to-end expense report module sporting Silverlight inside DNN... plus all the code... oh, and scroll down past the live demo to see the article... I failed that the first time out :)
WP7 Missing Control: WP7 Jump List
Erik Klimczak shares code to produce a nice jump list for WP7 since we seem to be missing one... great examples and will pose the code later, and somehow I've missed Clarity's blog up to now.
Smooth…Springy…Scrunchy - WP7 List behavior
Erik Klimczak has another post up dealing with lists for WP7, but this one is duplicating the 'scrunchy' list behavior that we also don't get shipped, at least yet.
WP7 Gesture Recognizer and Behavior / Triggers
Kevin Marshall has a post up on a gesture recognizer that he wrote for WP7 ... good example and all the code, plus he used MVVMLight in the sample code.
XNA from Silverlight on Windows Phone 7 – The Microphone
Mike Ormond discusses XNA and Silverlight for WP7, specifically getting access to the microphone... hmm... I can think of a few uses for that :)
TechEd Australia 2010 (+ Upcoming Webcast) Sample Application
Chris Anderson has the source up for his TechEd Australia and upcoming SilverlightShow Webcast all about PivotViewer and OOB, and a pot full of other SL4 goodness.
Creating a Toast Like Notification Popup on WP7
Derik Whittaker has code up to give you the capabilit of popping a 'toast' message to your user without having to make a round-trip to do a 'push' ... this can probably be over-used, but I think it's a good idea to have *something* like this.... and Derik's looks great.
Flashing Text (using behavior/storyboard) in Silverlight 4
A little flashing text can generally go a long way, and you need to be careful with flashing on a site anyway because some folks are susceptible to problems with that, but if you have a valid need to do so, Michael Crump has instructions on getting it setup using Blend
Introducing the concept of “Places”
If you're doing (or going to do) any WP7 dev, you need to read and absorb this post by Peter Torr... discussing 'Places', and how to know what should be a page, and avoid an infinitely growing back stack... see, I told you that you need to read it :)
Redirecting an initial navigation
Another post by Peter Torr also discussing the backstack ... and this is another one you need to get your head around... he gives two examples with code for each and reasons why.
WP7 – Context Menu From Listbox
This might be a little non-standard, but users would catch on quickly - Ryan Alford built his own long press action to pop a context menu... I like it!
Silverlight dynamic point to point animation with EasingFunction
Amyo Kabir has a post up on animating graphics around the screen using easing functions... great demo on the page, good Blend instructions too.
Tips & Tricks: How to get the Screen Resolution in Silverlight?
Bookmark this post and when you need to find your user's screen resolution in your Silverlight app, Kunal Chowdhury has the solution for you.

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