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In this Issue: Benjamin Gavin, Richard Waddell, Kunal Chowdhury, Chris Koenig, Timmy Kokke, cherylws, David Anson, Jeremy Likness, David Kelley, Andy Beaulieu, and Walt Ritscher.

Silverlight TreeView Case Study - FAQ Maintenance - Part 1
Benjamin Gavin is pulling together the posts he's recently done and producing an updatable FAQ file app -- something I find useful -- and this is part 1 ... good stuff!
Extending Central Silverlight Business Rules to Client and Server Side Field-Level Validation
Richard Waddell has a big ol' tutorial up that covers a lot of ground in Silverlight 4: ViewModel, Validation (Client & Server validation and Exception handling), Error message binding, and business rule violations being displayed at field level as reported back from the server just to name a few things...
First Guide to MEF and Silverlight (Part–III)
Kunal Chowdhury has part 3 of his MEF/Silverlight tutorial series up at CodeProject and is again using a console app to give visibility into the process.
Chris Koenig - My “Hello World” Windows Phone 7 Application
Chris Koenig gives up his MVVMLight-ified Netflix Catalog Sample that he's been demo'ing for a while ... grab it and learn...
Handling PivotViewer events
Timmy Kokke continues his exploration and explanation of the PivotViewer control, and is discussing the various events you'll want to become familiar with this time.
Loading a static XML file to your Windows Phone/Silverlight App
Read how cherylws from the SilverlightSDK loaded static XML data into a WP7 app... not difficult at all, and a great solution for a small amount of data.
LayoutTransformer works great on the Windows Phone platform
David Anson responds to a bunch of email about the possibility of using LayoutTransform on WP7 by producing and offering up LayoutTransformer for us!
Fluent Validation with MEF and PRISM
Jeremy Likness is still diggin' MEF and Prism, and his latest post is building a validation library shared between Silverlight and the server, then integrated via MEF and Prism... tired yet? :)
Getting the Root Visual in Phone7
David Kelley gives up the answer to a question that was bugging him for a while in hopes it will save you some time as well.
DroppyPop for WP7 Update
Andy Beaulieu's one of the most creative guys I know... and he has a new version of "DroppyPop" that he'd like everyone to give a dance and some feedback... check it out!
Silverlight 4 New Features
Walt Ritscher has some training videos up at on Silverlight 4 New Features such as OOB, Elevated Trust, new controls, peripherals, API changes, and Blend 4 new features

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