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In this Issue: Michael Washington, Timmy Kokke(-2-), Jeremy Likness, Chris Koenig, Rob Miles(-2-), Bob Caswell, and Alex Yakhnin(-2-).


Shawn Wildermuth adds a video to go along with his last post Developing for the Windows Phone 7 - Part 4: Tombstoning

Scott Hanselman talks to Jeff Wilcox about WP7 performance: Hanselminutes Podcast 228 - Performance of Silverlight on Windows Phone 7

Indrajit AKA indifromoz is keeping a page of WP7 resources you may want to bookmark: Windows Phone 7 Resources

Jonathan van de Veen poses a question and asks for comments: Microsoft introduces LightSwitch: Game changer or gadget showoff?

Creating A LightSwitch Custom Silverlight Control
Michael Washington is continuing to investigate LightSwitch, with this episode adding Colin Eberhart's awesome gauge control to a project.
Runtime PivotViewer collection creation
Timmy Kokke has two good posts up on the PivotViewer control... this first is the basics on where to get it, and how to get one running.
Building your first PivotViewer application
Timmy Kokke's 2nd PivotViewer control post is on consuming a webservice in the PivotControl and building a collection at runtime... as many of us with large data collections are going to be doing.
Simplifying Silverlight Web Service Calls with Reactive Extensions (Rx)
Jeremy Likness has been digging into Rx lately, and has a post up describing how to simplify web service calls using Rx. He even states "In fact, even if you don't use Reactive Extensions, you may benefit from the proxy wrappers that I'll describe"
Customizing WP7 Push Notification Tiles
Chris Koenig has a great post that I somehow missed on altering the push notification tiles that arrive on your behalf.
XNA Games and Windows Phone Screens
Rob Miles has a quick post up on WP7 Screens and XNA... all good to know information... like disabling the time-out...
Windows Phone Phone Calls
Do you know the best way to handle what happens when the phone rings and your user is in the middle of your fabulous game?? ... Rob Miles has a post about just that
Calling All Phone Developers: Free On Demand Training for Windows Phone 7
Bob Caswell posted links to all of the WP7 JumpStart videos (in HD), and all the material that was originally available, so go for it!
Creating Round Image Button for WP7 (part 3)
Alex Yakhnin has the final (3rd) episode of his round WP7 button creation series posted.
Creating a Splash Screen with a progress bar for WP7 applications.
Alex Yakhnin also has a solution up to the question many people are having of displaying a progress bar with the splash screen image.

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