Silverlight Cream for August 09, 2010 -- #922

In this Issue: Rénald Nollet, Xianzhong Zhu, Joost van Schaik, Dan Wahlin, and Sergey Barskiy.


Jason Zander posted a Sample Update: Windows Phone 7 Example Application for Beta Tools

Jesse Liberty has a great post up this morning: Ten Rules For Moving Your Blog Without Falling Off The Edge Of The Web

A handfull of postings left over from last night, but I know I'll not get any added on during the day today, so I'm pushing these out early.


Sharepoint 2010 SilverXplorer V 0.1
Rénald Nollet has a post up dealing with a Silverlight application that targets Sharepoint 2010 file operations.
Using Custom Effect to Create Silverlight 4 Animation
This is very cool... Xianzhong Zhu shows how to build a custom effects library using either roll-your-own or effects from Shazzam... seriously cool Silverlight.
A Windows Phone 7 multi touch pan/zoom behaviour for Multi Scale Images
Joost van Schaik did what most of us do... don't like what we see, write it yourself, and he's produced a pretty cool multi-touch behavior for manipulating Multi-Scanle images... was that one multi too many :) ... oh did I forget to say this was for WP7??
Understanding the Role of Commanding in Silverlight 4 Applications
Dan Wahlin is sharing some of his knowledge about Commanding in Silverlight 4 apps based on his experience and questions he gets asked when giving presentations.
Encryption in Silverlight and .NET Applications
Sergey Barskiy has an interesting encryption post up... encrypting data in a Silverlight front-end, pass the data to the server, decrypt and consume it.

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