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In this Issue: Michael Washington, Jeff Fansler, Jeff Wilcox, Rob Eisenburg, Vikram Pendse, Nigel Sampson(-2-), Jesse Liberty, Simon Jackson, and Nick Ohrn.


I'm pretty sure I found this link via @brian_henderson: Creating High Performance Silverlight Applications for Windows Phone

New and untried:

Can't find the link I got this from, but it looks interesting for wp7dev XNA: Helium

Deleting A Silverlight DataGrid Row With A Button On The Row
Michael Washington demonstrates the solution to a puzzle: removing a record from a DataGrid when the ViewModel you instantiated is not connected to the XAML page the UI is on.
Windows Phone 7 Launchers and Choosers
Jeff Fansler has his Launchers and Choosers post up for WP7, and as before he's got some good external links included, plus the code.
TiltContentControl for Windows Phone
Jeff Wilcox is discussing the Tilt control that you see on the phone, but don't have in the bits... then provides a TiltContentControl to download and explains it's use! ... too cool... and tons of info about 2/3 of the way down... custom easing functions, how to use this in the beta tools, etc...
Caliburn.Micro Soup to Nuts Pt. 4 – Working with Windows Phone 7
Rob Eisenburg has part 4 of his Caliburn.Micro series up and is discussing WP7 now... and those things you may need to be aware of in programming Silverlight for WP7
Silverlight On Mobile : Charting on Windows Phone 7
Vikram Pendse is exploring charting on WP7 today... and goes beyond the basic chart to explore some styles in Blend as well.
WP7 Tutorial: Minutes to Midnight
Nigel Sampson has a separate section on his blog now for WP7 tutorials... the first is this one... a countdown timer with an embedded font.
WP7 Tutorial: Candle
Nigel Sampson's next tutorial is an animated candle image... covering embedded images and programmatic storyboards
You May Already Be A Windows Phone 7 Programmer – Reloaded
Jesse Liberty is beginning a series of 'Intensive WP7 Tutorials' ... and I'll be watching... and you should too! This first one discusses the fact that if you're a Silverlight dev, you're also a WP7 dev and what you may need to pay attention to.
New WP7 Samples - Just worth shouting about!
For the one or two of you that haven't already seen this, Simon Jackson posted a nice list of wp7dev tutorials that recently went up... XNA goodness in there if you wanna learn...
Using Silverlight to Create a Digg Client for Windows Phone 7
As Nick Ohrn says in his intro, this post introduces a bunch of WP7 features all rolled into a useful app, so is a good one to get your head around.

Stay in the 'Light!

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