Silverlight Cream for March 23, 2010 -- #818

In this Issue: Max Paulousky, Jeremy Likness, Mark Tucker, Christian Schormann, Page Brooks, Brad Abrams(-2-), Jeff Wilcox, Unnir, Bea Stollnitz, John Papa and Adam Kinney, and Bill Reiss(-2-).


Ashish Shetty posted his material from his MIX10 presentation: Stepping outside the browser with Silverlight 4

Not Silverlight, but dang useful, Karl Shifflett posted a Visual Studio 2010 XAML Editor IntelliSense Presenter Extension

Yavor Georgiev posted his MIX10 material: Two samples from today's MIX talk

GroupBox Sketching Control for WPF applications Using Blend
Max Paulousky creates a GroupBox control for SketchFlow for WPF. He includes a link to an example of doing the same for Silverlight.
Sequential Asynchronous Workflows in Silverlight using Coroutines
Jeremy Likness' latest post begann with a post on the forum and Rob Eisenburg's MVVM presentation from MIX10 resulting in the use of Wintellect's PowerThreading library (downloadable), and Coroutines.
Windows Phone 7 UI Templates
Mark Tucker has been putting a lot of thought into WP7 apps and produced 5 templates for building apps, downloadable in PowerPoint format. He's also looking to discuss this concept.
Blend 4: About Path Layout, Part I
Christian Schormann has a great tutorial up about Expression Blend 4 and path layout ... this is lots of great info, and it's only part 1!
Custom Splash Screen for Windows Phone
Page Brooks makes very quick work of showing how to add a splash screen to your WP7 app... very nice, Page!
Silverlight 4 + RIA Services - Ready for Business: Exposing Data from Entity Framework
Brad Abrams next post in the series is is on pulling your data from wherever it lives, and uses a DomainService to shape it for your Silverlight app.
Silverlight 4 + RIA Services - Ready for Business: Consuming Data in the Silverlight Client
Brad Abrams then discusses consuming that data in a Silverlight app. Not much code involvement at all.. great ROI :)
Building Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4 applications on a .NET 3.5 build machine
Jeff Wilcox talks about building Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4B both on a .NET 3.5 machine. He then adds in the Toolkit, and even WCF RIA Services.
Expression Blend 4 - XAML generation tweaks
Unnir demonstrates a few changes to Expression Blend 4 that produce more compact XAML. He's also asking for other examples you'd like to see tightened up.
How can I sort a hierarchy?
Bea Stollnitz posts plausible solutions to sorting data items at each level of a hierarchical UI, with descriptions of why they don't work, followed by the real deal... Silverlight and WPF.
Silverlight Training Course (Silverlight 4)
John Papa and Adam Kinney have posted a huge body of work to get us up-to-speed on Silverlight 4 -- a WhitePaper, hands-on labs, and an 8-unit course with 25 accompanying videos... geez...
Silverlight game development on Windows Phone 7
Bill Reiss has a post up discussing game development on WP7 in general and then discusses his SilverSprite library, with a link to it.
XNA or Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 game development?
Bill Reiss next discusses the advantage of using Silverlight or XNA for your WP7 game development, and who better to discuss both?

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