Silverlight Cream for December 24, 2009 -- #762

In this Christmas Eve in Phoenix Issue: Richard Waddell, Kirupa, Douglas Starnes, Nigel Sampson, cherylws, Colin Blair, Yavor Georgiev, John Papa, Jeff Blankenburg, and Gill Cleeren.


For all you bloggers out there, David Anson posted: Blogging code samples stays easy [Update to free ConvertClipboardRtfToHtmlText tool and source code for Visual Studio 2010!]

Colin Blair has an interesting discussion up as Thoughts on Modular WCF RIA Services

If you haven't seen it yet, Scott Guthrie announced Silverlight 4 demos from my PDC Keynote now available

Danijel Stulic announced Silverlight 4 Beta slides & code from Web-Fu! event

ooNaLife – Game of Life Implementation
Richard Waddell extrapolated from his Seeker posts to implement The Game of Life in Silverlight. He's going to build off this, so getting your head around this would be a good idea :)
Falling Snow in Silverlight - Page 1
Kirupa has a 4-part tutorial up for creating falling snow in Expression Blend... it's that time of yeat... enjoy :)
Creating an Animated Button with Expression Blend
Douglas Starnes has a great tutorial up on creating an animated Silverlight button from scratch in Expression Blend.
Convention Based Event Aggregation in WPF and Silverlight Applications
Nigel Sampson has a good long code-filled post up on Event Aggregation in Silverlight and WPF
Using the Silverlight Toolkit LayoutTransformer Control for Angled Column Header Text
cherylws at SilverlightSDK is now the owner of the DataGrid, and decided to work out for us all how to put angled headers into the grid... pretty cool, Cheryl, Thanks!
RIA Services Enterprise Business Application: The Movie
Colin Blair posted 3 (silent) movies explaining his previous RIA Services blog post... pay attention to the code update he has in his post as well.
PDC presentation and demo
Yavor Georgiev has posted the code and video of his Silverlight 4, networking, and Web Services PDC presentation.
Silverlight 4 HTML Puzzle: How Does It Work?
John Papa assigned himself the task of explaining in detail the code for the Silverlight 4 HTML puzzle that Scott Guthrie demo'd at PDC.
Day #24: Silverlight Outside The Browser (Part 2 of 3)
Jeff Blankenburg has part 2 of his 3-parter on Silverlight OOB up in his 31 Days of Silverlight excursion.
Silverlight Advent Calendar: December 24th: Browsing Christmas pictures on Flickr
Gill Cleeren completes his Silverlight Advent Calendar today on Christmas Eve with a Silverlight Flickr Christmas image viewer.

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