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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In this Issue: Giovanni Montrone, Rishi(2, 3), Jeff Wilcox, Christian Schormann, Fredrik Normén, Shawn Wildermuth, Jesse Liberty, and Ashish Shetty.


I want to give a good shoutout to some great guys I met at #MIX09... they're the guys from UltraLearn. Watch the demo... it's in flash, but trust me, the app is in Silverlight and it's very cool. I got some up-close-and-personal demonstrations of building and using this, and if you're doing any sort of training or teaching videos that you're going to distribute, give these guys a hard look before going a different direction. You can tell by their site that it's a class operation, and the guys really know their stuff! A quote I saw this morning comes to mind: "Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see." - Arthur Schopenhauer found on Carpe Datum

If you're interested in the .NET RIA Services, Brad Abrams has a link list up: Link Round up on .NET RIA Services (March 3rd)

Blu-ray/DVD Comparison Utility
In huge detail and in VB and C# Giovanni Montrone gives an overview of a utility to compare two different images using 3 modes to make the differences easy to see... cool stuff!
Introducing nRoute: an application-flow framework for Silverlight and WPF
I missed this one by Rishi this morning, so he kicked my tires and sent me two more... guess I shouldn't miss stuff :) ... so this caught a bit more of my attention about his "nRoute" framework that incidentally this post announces a release on CodePlex! And if you haven't been paying attention, check out this next post where he built the app in the demo in just a couple days using his framework: Microsoft 2019 Vision, now on Silverlight (with Source Code)
nRoute: Silverlight abstractions of the higher kind
Rishi then went on to post this detailed post of the innards of nRoute. Remember when they told you that the proof of something was beyond the scope of this class? Well this is where he explains some of the "beyond the scope" stuff from his previous posts.
Sharing Source and Skills - Source download
Jeff Wilcox has posted the code from his #MIX09 talk where he used the exact same source between a WPF and Silverlight app ...
Blend 3 Behaviors: A Sample Action
Christian Schormann continues with his Expression Blend and Behaviors series of posts... and dives right into an example Action... this went on my "To Read" list :)
Silverlight 3,0 Split styles and templates into different files and merge resources
I missed this post by Fredrik Normén the other day on the Silverlight 3 Styles and Templates... and thought it looked like something too important to miss.
Fun with Silverlight 3 Features
Shawn Wildermuth picked some of his favorites from the Silverlight 3 Beta palette-o-features and wrote up a demo and talks about them... good stuff to read and understand!
Why DataBinding With ComboBoxes is NonTrivial...and Why Coding Is So Much Fun
Jesse Liberty has a great post up showing the kinds of problems you get into just doing something simple. And if Jesse has that sort of problems, you can just imagine what *I* go through! ... lol ... and Jesse brings it all to a conclusion of course.
Silverlight out-of-browser support: What kind of apps can you build?
Ashish Shetty takes a long look at the types of apps you could build utilizing OOB. This is the first in a series he's going to be doing... not sure why but at some point I lost the link to his blog... someone should have pointed that out to me... now I have catching up to do!

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