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In this issue: Ivan Dragoev, Beatriz Stollnitz, Laurent Duveau, Matthew Casperson, Mike Ormond, Adam Kinney, Scott Guthrie, and Ruurd Boeke.

I saw this post by Jeff Wilcox: Toolkit posts: "Silverlight in Style," dependency properties in WPF and Silverlight, and TreeView expansion, and thought "cool -- I've got all that covered :)" ... but WAIT... check this out... all the Toolkit bloggers have their own blog now! I'll be watching this for you, but go ahead and keep an eye on it too in case I miss something: Silverlight Toolkit Team Members Blog Feeds.

Tip: What is control styling?
Ivan Dragoev his a tip up about what control styling is from a basic xaml standpoint... stuff to know!
How can I expand items in a TreeView? - Part II
Beatriz Stollnitz has a very detailed second part to her TreeView post... very complete!
You Shape It
Laurent Duveau has a post about a site you have to see.. You Shape It... I've watched some of the videos and shared them prior to sending this... very cool creative things going on there... I think I found my new Laptop wallpaper too :)
Silverlight Game Programming Tutorial - State Management
Matthew Casperson isn't wasting any time in his Game-Development series. This time he's talking about State Management... a hint: it doesn't have to do with being a governor :)
A Fun Little Silverlight Twitter Application
Here's a trilogy of posts about building a Twitter app in Silverlight. Mike talks about how this started with his boss challenging them. He has a bunch of links out and discussion... all good.
Quickly Redesigning a Silverlight-based Twitter application
This continues with Adam Kinney and a video of Celso Gomes Redesigning a Silverlight-based Twitter app in 10 minutes? ... geez... the video is longer than that!! ... very cool Celso, and thanks Adam!
Styling a Silverlight Twitter Application with Expression Blend 2
Finally Scott Guthrie gives us stop-action from the Celso Gomes video ... I love the first comment posted: "That just leaves one question... where do I find a designer who can do this stuff? Suggestions, anyone?" ... indeed! ... I'm doing my best to talk this up to two very good folks :)
Transitioning the content in a expander
Ruurd Boeke has a great detailed tutorial on extending the Expander ... I wanted really bad to say "Expands the Expander" :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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