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Alex Golesh on Streaming Media, Michael Washington importing content, Joel Neubeck with Closed Captioning, Antoni Dol with 10 SL2 Gotchas Resolved, Michael Sync on Balder 3D Engine and SL2B2, Mike Taulty building a Photo Control, Andy Beaulieu on Polygon Physics, Expression Blog animating between states, Shawn Wildermuth animating brushes, Tim Heuer on startup parameters, Frank LaVigne with updates to Community Megaphone Map, and Jesse Liberty on new videos.

This falls into the "No good deed goes unpunished" category :) ... early Friday I posted 6 of these 13 to SC and Twitter, but then Friday was a circus and where the heck did Saturday go? So now it's a BIG list ... but at least it's a one-stop shop for a Sunday morning browse of Silverlight :)

Silverlight & Streaming Media
Alex Golesh sets the record for the article with the most tags associated at SilverlightCream... if you don't find something useful in this blog post, you're not trying :)
Importing content between SilverlightDesktop windows
Michael Washington has pulled off somewhat of a magic trick here... Two developers building unique SilverlightDesktop apps with no direct knowledge of the other's app... and the user can drag elements from one to the other ... yikes... now THAT's pretty darn cool... and there's a demo on the blog post right there with source!
Silverlight Video Player updated to display Closed Captioning
Joel Neubeck keeps picking at the video player that he's got up on CodePlex... this time in addition to other UI sorts of enhancements, he's added Closed-Captioning!
10 Silverlight 2 gotchas resolved
Via Michael Sync's blog, Antoni Dol posted a list of his 10 SL2 'gotchas' that he has a resolution for... check out his list and see if they match yours :)
Silverlight 3D Engine : Balder supports Silverlight 2 Beta 2 now!
Michael Sync reports back on an email from the Balder 3D folks that they new support SL2B2 ... take the links and go look at the slot machine demo... *way* cool...
Experiments in Building a Silverlight Photo Control ( Part 1 )
Mike Taulty decided to build a Photo viewer control and detail his travels through the architecture... very code-intensive, so that's all good for us :) He followed it immediately with Experiments in Building a Silverlight Photo Control ( Part 2 ) ... watch SC and Mike's blog for the next episodes.
More Polygon Physics with Silverlight
Andy Beaulieu has improved his previous polygon physics demo, and explains how he did so. If you're into animation at this level, or want to be... read this stuff... :)
Animating control Content between States
The Expression Blend and Design Blog has a post on animating Control Content between states ... they demonstrate some seriously interesting animation ideas with at least one area to be aware of... give it a read to find out what.
Animating Brushes with ObjectAnimationUsingKeyFrames
Using ObjectAnimationsUsingKeyFrames, Shawn Wildermuth shows how to do some brush animation that would be otherwise impossible... good stuff, Shawn!
Providing startup parameters for Silverlight
Tim Heuer posted a video demonstrating three of the initParams properties, including Query string parameters... didn't know that was in there??
Update to Community Megaphone Map
Frank LaVigne has an update to his Community Megaphone map ... heck by today he maybe has another :) But on this one, he added Washington DC.
Three New Videos On Data Binding
Jesse Liberty reports three new videos on DataBinding and his latest post is reporting that his Webcast schedule has been updated, so check that out as well or you'll be all dressed up with no place to go. Author: Jesse Liberty

Stay in the 'Light!

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