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Jaime Rodriguez on DeepZoom, Pete Brown on on Publish/Subscribe pattern in SL, Shawn Wildermuth on XAML Controls, Tim Heuer on new Videos, Bill Reiss on SLStreaming, Philip Beadle on File Uploader, Adam Kinney with updated GamerCard, Brad Abrams focused on Data, Scott Barnes on DeepZoom, SilverlightSDK on MSDN Searching, Mike Snow on SL Transparency and SL Policy Server.

Working with Collections in Deep Zoom.
Jaime Rodriguez almost snuck this one by me, but I caught it :) ... this has enough information, I'm calling it a tutorial... great info about DeepZoom and Collections!
Using Pub/Sub and the Observer Pattern in Silverlight 2 (Part 1 of 2) - Async Service Call Chaining
Pete Brown has started a 2-part series of postings on Pub/Sub and the Observer Pattern in SL2 ... yikes... um, what? ... don't listen to me, go read Pete's great post!
XAML Control Design
Shawn Wildermuth passes on some pearls of wisdom based on his XAML experience ... good stuff for making things nicer for your users.
Some new Silverlight videos
Tim Heuer reports the existence of some new SL Videos at ...
Silverlight Streaming SDK Client API and Sample App
Bill Reiss has a sample app to provide an explorer-type interface to your Silverlight Streaming account ... code included, so lots of fun learning in there as well!
Building a Multi File Uploader with Silverlight and AJAX
Philip Beadle takes aim at one of Nikhil Kothari's older applications and provides a multi-file Uploader with SL2... AND provides the code :) ... and I just realized Philip's name is on "DNN For Dummies" which Michael Washington told me to go buy just this morning! ... how's that for Serendipity??
Xbox Gamercard updated for Silverlight 2 Beta 2
Adam Kinney has an update to SL2B2 for his XBOX Gamercard, whatevertheheckthatis :) ... If you know, you'll want it, so go get it :)
Data focused Silverlight demo
Brad Abrams provides a data-centric demo involving LINQ, WCF, user-defined changes in a Grid, asynchronous updates via LINQ, and Local Storage to cache data ... can you think of anything else you'd like to do?? ... great stuff, and code included!
Go Deeper! - The Deep Zoom Day
Scott Barnes had his own personal DeepZomm intro with the DZ folks, so go take a look at what he has to say, and the links he provided!
Tips and Tricks for searching for Silverlight content on MSDN
Ever had trouble finding something on MSDN? .. nevermind... you know when you had trouble about 1/2 hour ago? ... lol ... well, the folks at SilverlightSDK have provided some Tips and Tricks to help us out ... and boy, from my chair anything would be a help :)
Tip of the Day #3 – Transparency - How to make your Silverlight control transparent.
Mike Snow is trying to drive me crazy I think... or he's enabling something :) ... yesterday I found this Tip of the Day #3 and thought... geez... did I miss 1 and 2? ... so I looked and heck no... I had them, but they weren't labeled that way... then today he posted Number 12... 12? ... yikes.. nope... he went back and renumbered them again... stop, you're making my headache worse ... lol ... ok, so this one, whatever it is numbered right now is on Silverlight and Transparency ... always something that comes up at some point.
Full Implementation of a Silverlight Policy Server.
Before typing this, I verified that this post is now Tip of the Day #12 :) ... but whatever it is when you read it... it's good and very useful, in Mike's words: "Below I will take you through every step you need to create and run your own policy server." ... good stuff.

Stay in the 'Light!

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LOL. Yes, yes. I re formatted all my blogs as I am now going with a Tip of the Day format. Every week I will be putting out a few tips.
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