Silverlight 2 Beta 2 later THIS week!

According to Somasegar who was on-stage today at TechEd with Bill Gates, Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is going to be released with a GoLive license this week. This also will include a Blend 2.5 June 2008 Preview and tools to VS2008.

That's great news for all involved!

Take the link above to see what all else was announced...

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Silverlight Cream for June 3, 2008 - Updated -- #289

Attached Properties by Illa Iordanov, Animating ListBox Items by Ivan Dragoev, Programmatic DeepZoom by Jonas Follesø, Computer ArtsProject by Mike Ormond, and Ronnie Saurenmann on WCF, LINQ, CRUD, and Large DataSets.

A couple editorial comments up-top:

Andrew Duthie has posted a link to what looks to be a good WebCast by Frank LaVigne on "Graphic Design for Devs" today Wednesday at 12 noon Eastern... so that's pretty soon! Go to Andrew's Post for the info -- sorry for posting that it was Tuesday .

Also... if you're not subscribed to Jesse Liberty's Silverlight MicroBlog on Twitter, do so! Some of the things by Jesse that I posted recently came from there, and it's a good fast resource from the "Silverlight Geek" :)

Attached Properties in Silverlight
The folks at SilverlightShow have been busy. I got this one this morning from Ilia Iordanov and it's like "Everything you always wanted to know about Attached Properties" ... seriously ... there's even a FAQ about 3/4 down... great reference post, thanks!
Animating ListBox items
This one came in yesterday and although I stuffed it into the database I got jammed and didn't post it. This is pretty cool stuff... go to the post, and run the example, clicking on rows then tell me you don't want that functionality!
Generating DeepZoom images programmatically
Jonas Follesoe gives props to Jose Fajardo (don't we all), and then continues to discuss the DeepZoom composer and some things he's tried, and lots of links out to other places... not a bad reference blog if only for all the links :)
Computer Arts Projects - Deep Zoom Composer
Mike Ormond wrote an article for Computer Arts Projects magazine using the DeepZoom and give his take on using it, plus a bunch of links. Between him and Jonas, you shouldn't have to go far to find DeepZoom info!
Silverlight 2 Beta1 + WCF + LINQ to SQL = a powerfull combination
The Last three here are courtesy of a post by Scott Morrison, are all from Ronnie Saurenmann of the Swiss DPE Team, and all are very good Instructional Videos. This first one is SL2/WCF/LINQ ... 15 minutes of instruction and all the source!
CRUD operations with Optimistic Locking using Silverlight 2 Beta1
Ronnie continues with a 30-minute video on CRUD operations with SL2, WCF, and LINQ, and by the time I found this blog, he'd posted a correction. He has links out to other material and once again source :)
Scrolling through large resultsets with Silverlight 2 Beta1 and LINQ to SQL
The last one by Ronnie on Scott's list is a 15-minute video about scrolling through large datasets using .Skip and .Take in LINQ to SQL, and again he provides the source.

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