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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Andy Beaulieu with a real-world DeepZoom example, James Bacon releases a new SL2 casual game, Dave Relyea discusses the Canvas, Swiss DPE Team on Large resultsets with LINQ in SL2, and Peter McGrattan provides a SL2 Pie Chart.

I just noticed we crossed the 1000-link mark in SilverlightCream. Thanks for all the submittals, everyone!

DeepZoom for eCommerce
Andy Beaulieu has produced a very nice eCommerce site for his Father-in-Law's wood-turnings... I can't figure out which I'm more impressed with, Andy's work or the wood-turning! ... Awesome job both of you! Andy discusses some of the coding, but holy crap... this is a full-out site with shopping cart, so I wouldn't expect to see all the code available.
A new Silverlight web based game showing the potential of this new and exciting technology
James Bacon has a 'Casual Game' named BumbleBeegar released at Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately :), I can't get there from this facility... so go waste some time for me!
Why I Don't Like Canvas
Dave Relyea is back to posting, and has an interesting article on why he doesn't like the Canvas object, and backs it up with reasons.
Scrolling through large resultsets with Silverlight 2 Beta1 and LINQ to SQL
This from Scott Guthrie's latest list, and is a video demonstrating the use of SL2 and LINQ with a large resultset in a DataGrid.
Silverlight 2.0 Pie Chart (Beta)
Another from Scott's links, and this is a very cool Pie Chart control. I've not seen Peter McGrattan's blog before, but after seeing this Pie Chart, I've added him to my list of blogs to watch for SL goodness!

Stay in the 'Light!

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