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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Christoph Husse with a non-US TextBox, Jaime Rodriguez on built-in Styling, A SL2 Carousel, and URI Referencing, Dan Wahlin on ItemsControl Templates and 3rdParty SL2 controls.

Silverlight 2 (beta1): International (Non-US) TextBox
Michael Sync submitted this guest-post by Christoph Husse that is a very cool article on use of alternate keyboards or define-your-own keyboard, all with source :)
built-in Styling and generic.xaml
Jaime Rodriguez gives digs into the generic.xaml and built-in Styling, provides a tease and answers a ton of questions in a FAQ format... all good stuff.
A carousel control in Silverlight 2...
Catching up with Jaime today and showing this SL2 Carousel all with source.
A sample on referencing URIs..
I think this one catches me up at least on Jaime's SL2 postings... this one extending the URI references that have been discussed to no end.
Using Silverlight 2 ItemsControl Templates
Dan Wahlin posted this one, and I'm a tad behind on... but it is on ItemsControl Templates... good information and read it all, there are some nuggets of knowledge buried :)
Interesting 3rd Party Controls and Demo Applications for ASP.NET and Silverlight
A bit older post from Dan showcasing some 3rd-party SL2 controls and demos.

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