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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Margaret of Silverlight SDK has a great tutorial on Custom Panels, Cheryl at Silverlight SDK has a WebClient/HttpWebRequest article, Sam Landstrom at Silverlight SDK demos a SL2 Timer, Michael Sync offers up solutions to a few good questions, Jeff Paries updated his cool Drum Pad, Tim Sneath on Controlling SL Updates and new SL 1.0 Release, and Tim Heuer on Cross-domain Policies.

Creating a Custom Panel
There are a few Silverlight SDK entries that slipped past me... the first is this one from Margaret and is very cool... Creating a Custom Panel! I'm not sure where to start on a task like that, but now I know... Margaret's code :)
Using WebClient and HttpWebRequest
Next up is Cheryl tackling the WebClient and HttpWebRequest classes and eventually writing code to demonstrate making the same request with both... again, lots of learning there!
Make a Silverlight Timer (Silverlight 2)
Last but not least from Silverlight SDK is Sam Landstrom explaining how to use the DispatchTimer.
URL Referrer, Screen Resolution, Client’s Data Time and IP Address
Michael Sync has a post answering some fundamental questions we all might need to know about... good info, Michael!
Silverlight Drumpad v2
Jeff Paries ... was wondering when he was coming back after laying that DrumPad on us last week.. :) ... now he has different drum kits and backing tracks... too cool :)
Controlling the Distribution of Silverlight Updates in the Enterprise
Tim Sneath discusses the Distribution of Silverlight Updates... and explains the two different approaches.
Silverlight 1.0 - New Maintenance Release Available
Tim also announces the release of a new version of SL 1.0 ... take that! all you SL2'ers :)
Silverlight cross domain policy file helpers
Tim Heuer was impossible to keep up with before, but now that he is part OF the SL Product team... watch out and hang on! Tim manages to cram information about the SL cross domain policy, an intellisense code snippet for it, and a larger 'hack' to get the rest of the intellisense for the policy file... whew!

Stay in the 'Light!

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