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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
I guess I need to commit to posting non-submitted stuff more regular. I stopped doing that a while back, and some good stuff rolls off the end, such as: Frank LaVigne's Christmas Card tutorials, Resizing SL apps revisited, without JS, Falling Snow in WPF, using SL in a business app, what the FF unresponsive script message means, and Windows Media Player 11 as a UI to emulate.

Silverlight 1.0 Tutorial and Lessons Learned from Frank La Vigne
This is an aggregation by Pete Brown of links to Frank La Vigne of (Frank's World). Frank did a great Christmas Card that made it to the pages and has a 3-part article on how he did all the pieces. Pete has pulled all the links together in one place... thanks Pete... good learning in those links, so thanks Frank as well :)
Silverlight 2.0: Project template for self-resizing applications (update)
Laurent Bugnion did an update on his self-resizing applications post, this time for those of you that don't want to use JS :) This link is the original one, and has a link at the top to the new one.
Creating Falling Snow Using Code
This one is WPF and from the Expression Team blog ... I'm sure there's some xaml goodness in there we could all learn and carry back to our Silverlight!
Silverlight Animations in a Practical Business Application
This is a CodeProject article by Cal Schrotenboer that demonstrates (with code) the use of Silverlight in a business application ... pretty cool how you can change products and text... long detailed (good) article.
Explaining the Firefox Warning: Unresponsive script for Silverlight 1.0 apps..
This article by Jaime Rodrigues explains why we sometimes see the "unresponsive script" messages in FF. Timely as well, because the same day I saw this post, someone on the forum asked the question!
Blend Candy - Windows Media Player
Liquid Boy is taking direct aim at Windows Media Player 11 as a UI to emulate and discusses all that.

Stay in the 'Light!

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