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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
First of two-parts of Cream I've found in my blog-reading: Koen of FirsFloor demonstrates a Slideshow of Picasa WebAlbums, Michael Cameron takes 2D collisions into 3D, Jesse Liberty's first 4 "Did You Know" posts, Bret Ahlstrom discusses the Blend SP1 Update, and Pete Brown in a podcast about Silverlight and the Carbon Calculator application.

How to integrate Slideshow with the Picasa WebAlbum API
Koen of FirstFloor shows how he integrated his very nice Slideshow with Picasa WebAlbums -- all with source... good stuff!
3D collision detection and a simple 3D model
Michael Cameron of MC's Sandpit pulled a rabbit out of a hat with his 3D collision example... makes my head hurt to think about it :)
Did you know... You Can Copy The 1.0 Template From VS 2005 to VS 2008?
The First of Jesse Liberty's "Did You Know" series, this one on using the Silverlight 1.0 template from VS2005 in VS2008.
Did You Know... That You Can Create A Timer Using XAML Animation?
This "Did You Know" from Jesse Liberty describes using a Storyboard to create a timer.
Did You Know... (2) you can easily re-format your code and XAML in Visual Studio
Jesse describes the setup to getting your XAML looking the way you want it.
Did You Know That... for full JavaScript debugging you must uncheck "disable script debugging"
Short but useful tip to explain why your JavaScript debugging might not be working.
Expression Blend Service Pack 1 Update
Bret Ahlstrom describes under which circumstances you should grab the SP1 patch.
Silverlight and the Carbon Calculator Podcast Interview with Brian Eastwood
Pete Brown of IrritatedVowel in a podcast discussing Silverlight in general and the Carbon Calculator in specific.

Stay in the 'Light!

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Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 9:54 PM Silverlight , Silverlight 1.0 , Silverlight .NET 1.1 , Silverlight Cream | Back to top

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