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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
I've got a large list today, I missed one from last week, and had one submittal this morning, plus found some good stuff in my travels: Andy Britcliffe has code for dynamically applying a Render Transform; Tim Sneath announced a white paper on Deploying Silverlight in the Enterprise; Michael Cameron blogged about Keyspline Animation and Drag Speed and Direction; Granville Barnett digs into Silverlight 1.1 in a second article on RIAs; Mark Dawson sets up a CodePlex project for a 1.0 3D graphics engine that has to be seen; Michael Washington continues his exploration of SL 1.0 and DNN; and Andy Beaulieu's Slides and code on his SL Animation Code Camp 8 talk

Silverlight 1.0: Applying a Render transform dynamically
I somehow missed this quick tip by Andy Britcliffe of dynamically applying a Render Transform
Deploying Silverlight in the Enterprise
Tim Sneath posts a blog about a whitepaper on Deploying Silverlight... I've included a link to the whitepaper on my sidebar Silverlight links
Keyspline Animation
Michael Cameron has started blogging about Silverlight, and putting up good stuff
Drag Speed and Direction
Drag Speed -- hadn't even considered that yet... good stuff, Michael -- and thanks for the link in your article :)
Developing RIAs: Part 2
In Part two of an series on RIA's, Granville Barnett digs into Silverlight 1.1
Kit3D - a 3D graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight
I'm no 3D genius... so Mark Dawson's work here looks just amazing to me! ... this is on CodePlex, so go check it out plus his examples... did I mention it's 1.0??
Creating a DotNetNuke Silverlight Module For Absolute Beginners
Michael Washington has a very detailed DNN/Silverlight 1.0.
Code Camp 8 Slides and Demos
Andy Beaulieu of Destroy All Invaders fame posted his slides and demos from his Silverlight presentation at Code Camp 8 -- definitely worth reading!

Stay in the 'Light!

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