Windows Embedded Compact 7

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This will be the official name of the new release of Windows CE.

Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available as a public CTP and it already supports a wide range of CPUs and both the device emulator and VirtualPC emulated environments.

So I’ll have to learn a new (and longer) name for my favorite OS… but I (and all my two readers!) will be able to test it as soon as the download from connect web site completes (I'm sorry for my readers, but you'll have to download it by yourselves).

Here’s a link for the download (it's free but you’ll have to register on connect with a valid LiveId):

Remember that this is still a beta (or “Community Technology Preview” if you speak marketing language) and so it’s better to not install it on your main development PC (or, at least, backup everything before installation) and that the features and performances you’ll get from this beta may not be the same ones of the final release of the OS.

You can discover the new features of Windows Embedded Compact on the new “official” webpage on microsoft website:

or on Olivier’s blog:

I hope to be able to post some interesting content about Windows Embedded Compact 7 soon (and maybe be able to shorten it’s name in CE7 in my blog posts, when I'll ensure that both my readers are not worketing for Microsoft's marketing department …).

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