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If you are using Office 365 and sharing documents within your organization and with partners, you can use Azure Rights Management to protect your documents.

I will walk you through the steps needed to setup Azure RMS in Office and how you can share the documents with protection.

  • Signup for Office 365 Trial account. Azure RMS is included with Office 365 for Enterprise E3,E4 and for Education A3 and A4. You may get lost while registering for trial account and you may not see services you would like to see. To make it simple, Please use this link and go to bottom of the page. You will find Free Trial option for E3.


  • Complete the sign up. It make take a while to complete all the setup. Once all the setup is done login to your Office 365 account, go to Admin à Office 365 and click on "Service Settings" on left tab.

  • Go to "Rights Management" and click on "Manage"


  • Click on Manage à Activate. It take 1-2 minutes to activate Azure RMS for your account.

  • Once Activation completes, again come to AccountàOffice 365àservice settings and click on sites.
  • Click on "View site collections and manage additional settings in the SharePoint admin center". Locate "Information Rights Management (IRM)" and select "Use the IRM service specified in your configuration". Click ok.

  • Now click on "OneDrive". Locate Library à Library Settings

  • Go to Library Settings and locate "Information Rights Management"

  • Click on "Information Rights Management" and check "Restrict permission on this library on download"

  • We are done with setting up Azure RMS. Go to "OneDrive" and upload a new document. Try opening the document in Office 365 and you will see a message saying Word Online cannot display the document as it is protected by IRM.



  • Trying opening the document locally on your computer and you will get below protection message.


    Hope you would like this quick walkthrough of setting of Azure RMS. Thank you.

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