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Bob Muglia on Azure.

Windows Azure is the Microsoft plateform for CLOUD development.

1992 was the change propograter when Winodws NT was launched at second PDC. Now we are talking about Azure. Azure is Infrastructure as a service, software as a service annnnnnd now platform as a service. The new service is Plateform service. In a nutshell its Cloud of VM's for developers. So patching, updates are managed and maintained by Plateform service. With lots assemblies and softwares are required a Plateform as a service is going to save great time from developer so as DataCenter and Infrastructure. So now pay as you go for all you need in software industry. Plateform takes care of Server. VM, Network, Storage, App, Patch, Service release, New release, Peak load performance, Build to avoid and Recover from failure. Thus the new Jargon is PaaS.hh

PaaS : Plateform as a Service. 

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