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I became an architect through the developer career track. I was a developer, development lead, development manager and eventually became an architect. I felt drawn to architecture and as I trained found that my instincts were good as was my ability to grasp and apply concepts (I feel a kindred bond to this writer and his Mort bio very closely mirrors my path

I still love to develop (I wrote about 90% of my current project due to resource problems) and am considered a solid C# coder. However, I don't think my development skills have any direct relation to my architecture skills. In my opinion, they are two distinctly different skillsets. In fact, I would say there are times when my ability to implement a concept gets in the way of my ability to properly design a complete solution. My inner developer often conflicts with my architect self...

What is your opinion? Does a strong developer naturally become an architect? Can architects be good developers? Is there a natural and necessary tension between the two?


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I'm with you 100%! I love architecture; but it does limit my dev work a great deal. I typically try to keep something on the side at work to make sure I get to do at least some dev work. For the most part, I tend to augment the developers to ensure they understand and can implement more complicated solutions. Outside of that, I try to give them the majority of the dev work. That doesn't mean I don't miss it, tho.

In my mind, a good developer can be a good architect and vice-versa; but it is by no means a high probability. They are completely conflicting skills, as you mentioned.
Left by Michael Flanakin on Oct 12, 2005 5:30 AM

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The biggest challenge for a developer who transcends to being an architect is being able to evaluate and design for a solution without betting the farm on a certain technology early on.
Left by Scott Miller on Oct 12, 2005 6:56 AM

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