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Odd Behavior in Windows 8 and VS 2012

A pretty basic feature seems to be broken I upgraded my work laptop to Windows 8 Enterprise, tracked down the secret incantation to add the key and activate it. Installed VS 2012 Ultimate on it (release) and started playing. All seemed fine. Minimal issues with Win8, a couple of odd ball apps that failed (the drop protection on my HD, the one shipped with the Dell machine) and had to track down a wired network adaptor driver. But other than that, the OS seemed to be a smooth upgrade. VS, on the other ......

Moving my personal site to Azure Web sites

For several years I have maintained a personal web site, mainly to share photo’s and news with friends and family, run a “bragging rights” football pool, and to play with asp.net. Most of the time it was hosted on a aging laptop in my basement. Biggest advantage, free and complete control. Lots of disadvantages. No scaling (not a real problem, the 10 people that logged in and out really never strained the laptop), no UPS, so if I took a power hit, it was down. So, in keeping with the cloud, I decided ......