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Another butt-kicking, and before 6:30 AM to be exact.

I (obviously) like to write… well, maybe not so much that an editor is going to be reviewing my work, but if I’m doing my own editing, I can go on and on. So my solution to ‘Status Reports’ is to start the weekly report on Monday, and keep it open as a draft, typing in thoughts, problems, solutions… more of a journal than Status. Then at quitting-time on Friday, I send my boss and me both a copy.

Since I’m my own boss for now – hey, a plus – see below, I’m really not doing a Status Report, but I find having such things around keeps me focused. So how I do that is:

  1. Spreadsheet of all the things I want to try to get onboard – like a ‘bucket list’ for being out of work – I mark off units of learning by chapter or hour or training video or something, and try to keep on track
  2. I started this series of posts, and I start a new one in the morning, and add onto it during the day, then send it out the first thing in the morning… cuz it’s already written.
  3. OneNote open for absolutely everything… who I’ve written, events I’m scheduled for, etc.
  4. Windows Live Writer for blogging

That ‘add onto it all day’ thing is what butt-kicked me this morning. I’d come in from turning off the backyard sprinklers, and next up was to push “Day 3”. I thought I did Day 3 as I did Day 2 --- save off the previous one as a draft, and edit it. So when I pushed Day 3, it opened in my browser and looked good, but the title was Day 2 or something, so I go to the admin page, and whoa… Day 2 was replaced with Day 3… WTF… back to Windows Live Writer and I can clearly see “Day 2” in my “recently posted” list … until I click on it and it became Day 3… yikes…

So somehow the ‘save as’ didn’t work and I’d been modifying Day 2 all day yesterday, and how am I going to rebuild Day 2 at GWB??… it took me 1/2 hour to finally find a cache with that in it to restore… whew that’s done….

Back to WLW and open “Day 3”… oh crap… it’s now replaced with Day 2… of course… sigh…

So Day 3 went out nice and fresh and maybe some humor missing, but it went, and now here I am with a “New” post for Day 4… so nomoresaveascrap

Got some emails to answer, then it’s back to Blend I think…

Too much input today, too much email, too many good web links, trouble getting focused

4PM: Figured out the focusing problem… the whole “not working” thing is getting to me… I guess I did really good for 3 days, 4 if you count Monday. Had to take the car in for almost $300 worth of work today… it’s never a good time, but hey, can I get a break over here?

I guess one way to look at it is… I might be out here looking for work, but as soon as that last invoice is paid, Minerva is going to be out roughly $4,000 worth of income a week by me not being at work … yes, that was over the top of what I got paid… so that’s a couple good salaries back at the office… hope it’s as good for them as it is for me.


  • I’m my own boss – see above
  • I can use Windows Live Writer – or anydamnthingIplease – since no IT weenie is looking at my PC twice a day (9AM and 3PM) to make sure I’m not running something unapproved.
  • I can use OneNote… holy crap… hadn’t even thought of that… have just been cranking it open since I’m home


  • I’m my own boss – I don’t pay well
  • I can use Windows Live Writer --- lol … at least it was a minus for about 1/2 hour this morning.. but we’re friends again
  • thisdamnheadache is getting Excedrin-resistant
  • I may end up needing a new HD for this laptop since it’s now a full-up workstation. Speed is still good, I like the big monitor and resolution is great… maybe I just need to archive stuff to external HD

so far

With the interruptions and problems staying focused, this was the worst day so far at pm;u 3 units of training: 2 units of Blend and 1 of C#.

SC #940 also went out.

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