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The BDC is a great first effort by Microsoft, but there are some items (including the documentation) that needs work. As I mentioned in another post on the BDC, Sahil Malik does a terrific job on getting you started running BDC Application Definitions. It's true that tools like the BDC Metaman and Microsoft's BDC Definition Editor can help, but there simply is no replacement for understanding, as Sahil describes it, "The XML goo" in an Application Definition. I highly recommend you get comfortable with it to make troubleshooting a bit easier.

Here are some points and references that I've found particularly useful:

1. If you want all items to appear in the Business Data List Web Part, modify the Shared Web Part and on the toolbar (not inside of the Tool Part), click Edit View. From there, you can select to show all items in the list. Microsoft explains this at the following location: (it's buried).

2. After you have enabled search within your application definition, there is still work to do in the search interface. It's hard to find really succinct information on getting this working nicely. One of the best references I've found is on Ton Segeman's blog at:

4. The ProfileRedirect page doesn't work when you've created Alternate Access Mappings in MOSS. You can read more about this bug at:

5. If you want the links that appear in BDC search results to work properly, you have to make sure that the Shared Service Provider (SSP) hosting your search and BDC application is accessible to users. I've run into an instance where this is not the case and clicking the returned links fails. Server Mappings do not fix this issue. The solution is to make sure that the SSP is accessible to your users.

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