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The goal of an information professional is to communicate ideas to another person that enables that person to apply the ideas to their own goals. Communication is a three-part process, as follows:

1. Form an idea or concept.
2. Transmit the idea.
3. Receive the idea.

Despite the fact that forming and transmitting ideas come from a single person, some people can have trouble articulating exactly what they conceive in their minds; that creates a (sometimes significant) change in the message before it gets transmitted to the receiver.

The receiver poses yet another challenge to the communication process because the message is interpreted through the filters of personal experiences and biases, and the receiver’s ability to comprehend the message.

The better technical communicators understand how to express information in ways that carry the message from conception through reception. An axiom along these lines is "say what you mean, and mean what you say."

Mark Metcalfe

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