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(been meaning to post this for a while)

The concert Sunday night was great, as you might expect from someone who has been recording music for close to sixty years. The Disney Hall had pretty good acoustics and, by sheer chance, I had a seat where I could watch Dave Brubeck’s hands as he played.

For those of you who know of Dave Brubeck, he really needs no introduction. Nor, frankly, could anything I say add to his much-deserved reputation. For those who don’t know who Dave Brubeck in, he’s a jazz pianist. Among his many awards are the Presidential Medal of the Arts, a “Jazz Master” award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

He, and the quartet, have been there and done that.

But, I couldn’t help thinking as I listened. I was struck by a few interesting realizations during the concert.

First was the way that, at times, every member of the quartet was heading in a different direction musically. It seemed almost like four separate solos. Yet, at the end of it, all of the musicians were “on the same page,” playing the same music, in time and together.

Second, every musician was a master of their instrument. Bobby Militello had even mastered at least two – the alto sax and the flute. (Watching him play was a delight; he is quick fingered, and incredibly talented. There’s something to be said for skill sets that transfer between various applications.) But – and this likely goes without saying – none of them tried to play the others’ instruments. Nor did any one member of the quartet try to play every instrument at once.

Third, there were a lot of solos. Not all of them were piano. In fact, there were occasions when Dave Brubeck simply sat back and listened to the other musicians play. This musician, declared “a living legend” by the Library of Congress, is modest enough to sit back and enjoy while other people shine on his stage.

The lessons here are kind of obvious.

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This concert sounds like it was pretty amazing!
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