Presenter Anti-Patterns

A good friend of mine, Rod Paddock, (editor of CoDe Magazine and seasoned presenter) has posted his list of presenter anti-patterns. This is a MUST read for new and experienced presenters alike. He knows what he's talking about and the content is DEAD ON! My favorite is #7... preparation is king!  I enjoy watching presenters who make it all seem so effortless. I know from years of experience that hours and hours and hours of preparation went into that "effortlessness".  If you think that all those seemlingly free-form performances that comedian Robin Williams delivers aren't rehearsed you're wrong, they are. He's so good he makes it seem like things are just random. Of course there is always room for ad-libbing here and there, but prepares and you should too before you present.

Read Rod's post!

Have a day. :-|

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