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To-Do-ListOne of the coolest features I've found in Visual Studio (currently VS 2008 Standard) is the ability to add custom tokens for the Task List.  In this example, I've added the "WAS" token that is used when I've changed some code and want to test it before actually deleting the old code.  I usually just comment out the old code and go delete it later.  If that deletion is delayed for any reason, when I re-open the code, the tokens in the tasks help me remember what I was doing.  The WAS tag is used for old/unused code that I actually intend on deleting instead of the type of code I keep in comments for reference and documentation.

I set the WAS token at a low priority because it doesn't really matter if I ever delete the
commented-out code.


Task-List picture

So now, its use becomes like the (properly used) "WAS" token in an email subject line when a subject is changed for an email thread.

By the way, make sure you only have one copy of Visual Studio running when you do this as the last update wins.

posted @ Monday, April 27, 2009 5:44 AM

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