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At, the latest Sandcastle has been released. I am pleased to say that it incorporates the generic version of a fix, I originated that allows projects including Crystal Reports to be documented.

Here is the relevant passage from the help file:
"The default configuration for MRefBuilder has been updated to ignore the Crystal Reports licensing assembly (BusinessObjects.Licensing.KeycodeDecoder) if it fails to get resolved. This assembly does not appear to be available and ignoring it prevents projects that include Crystal Reports assemblies from failing and being unbuildable."

There are many other fixes. Here are the release notes:
IMPORTANT: On some systems, the content of the ZIP file is blocked and the installer may fail to run. Before extracting it, right click on the ZIP file, select Properties, and click on the Unblock button if it is present in the lower right corner of the General tab in the properties dialog.

This release supports the Sandcastle October 2012 Release (v2.7.1.0). It includes full support for generating, installing, and removing MS Help Viewer files. This new release supports Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 solutions and projects as documentation sources, and adds support for projects targeting the .NET 4.5 Framework, .NET Portable Library 4.5, and .NET for Windows Store Apps.

See the Sandcastle Release Notes for details on all of the changes made to the underlying Sandcastle tools and presentation styles.

This release uses the Sandcastle Guided Installation package. Download and extract to a folder and then runSandcastleInstaller.exe to run the guided installation of Sandcastle, the various extra items, the Sandcastle Help File Builder core components, and the Visual Studio extension package.

What's Included
  • Help 1 compiler check and instructions on where to download it and how to install it if needed
  • Help 2 compiler check and instructions on where to download it and how to install it if needed
  • Sandcastle October 2012
  • An option to install the MAML schemas in Visual Studio to provide IntelliSense for MAML topics
  • Sandcastle Help File Builder
  • SHFB Visual Studio Extension Package

For more information about the Visual Studio extension package, see the Visual Studio Package help file topic.
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# October 2010 release?
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I think you might want to revisit the title of this page?
Left by David Keaveny on Oct 15, 2012 12:43 PM

# re: Sandcastle Help File Builder - October 2010 release
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Surely the title of this post should read: "Sandcastle Help File Builder - October 2012 release"?
Left by Paul Marfleet on Oct 15, 2012 12:40 PM

# re: Sandcastle Help File Builder - October 2012 release
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Title fixed - thank you for pointing this out.
Left by TATWORTH on Oct 15, 2012 2:25 PM

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