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Jet Brains release WebStorm 5.0

At, Jet Brains have announced the release of WebStorm 5.0, an IDE that brings the ease of code writing in VB.NET and C# that you get with ReSharper, to JavaScript, CSS and LESS. (There are some more details in

Code completion in JavaScript, CSS and LESS is a very welcome feature. I look forward to trying out Web Storm. The download at comes with a free 30-day trial).

Price information is at - you should note that if you are an open-source developer, you can apply for a free license. The price of a personal license at £23 + VAT is a no-brainer. The price of a Commercial license would be paid for in a few days, because of the increased productivity that this tool brings.

Web Storm currently requires Google Chrome to run. Like ReSharper it appears to be a very able tool. It includes tools such as:
  • XSLT debugging
  • JSLint for checking for JavaScript errors
  • JavaScript debugging
  • JavaScript unit testing (including code coverage)
  • JavaScript folding regions
  • Coffee Script support
Well I suggest that you try Web Storm 5.0


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