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Programming Books Offer from O'Reilly

At there is an excellent deal of programming books including how to buy for the geek in your life:

The hardest person on your list to shop for is Andrew. Why? Because he just won't tell you what he needs or wants. It's not because he doesn't want anything; it's just that telling you isn't logical. If he needs it or wants it, he'll get it himself, right? In the meantime, you're left with trying to figure out the perfect gift for someone who spends 18 hours at a stretch in front of his computer (including meal times) and answers most of your questions with, "Um, okay" while looking like he wonders what planet you're from.

So here's the secret to making Andrew happy with your holiday gift. Get him the perfect programming book from O'Reilly. Just look (or ask him) what color his favorite O'Reilly books are, and select one you don't see on his shelf. He uses ebooks, you say? That's easy too: ask, "What do you think about JavaScript Web Applications?" Keep at it until you find one he doesn't know. Sure, it's a little work but it'll pay off. This year you won't have to see his unenthusiastic smile as he opens yet-another-geek t-shirt that in a moment of madness you thought he'd find amusing.

book coverbook cover
book coverbook cover


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