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I have just recived this from the Author of that excellent product NMAP:

"Um, what people WANT when they download Nmap is Nmap itself.  Not to
have their searches redirected to Bing and their home page changed to
Microsoft's MSN.

Speaking of which, Microsoft emailed me today. They said that they
didn't know they were sponsoring CNET to trojan open source software,
and that they have stopped doing it. But the trojan installer uses
your Internet connection to obtain more "special offers" from CNET,
and they immediately switched to installing a "Babylon toolbar" and
search engine redirect instead. Then CNET removed that and are now
promoting their own "techtracker" tool. Apparently the heat is so
high that even malware vendors are refusing to have any more part in
CNET's antics! But if CNET isn't stopped, the malware vendors will
come crawling back eventually and CNET will be there to receive them.

There have been dozens of news articles in the last day and hundreds
of outraged comments on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. In the midst
of all this terrible PR, went in last night and quietly
switched their Nmap downloads back to our real installer. At least
for now. But that isn't enough--they are still infecting the
installers for thousands of other packages! For example, they have
currently infected the installer for a children's coloring book app:"

For the latest on, please see
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